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Digital Advertising Agency - Google Ads PPC are primarily search ads based on keywords. Our advertising agency specializes in google ads.

Google Ads - PPC Search Advertising

Our Digital Advertising Agency specializes in Google Ads. Google Search is the most widely used search engine in the world with over 91% of the market share! Google ads come in several varieties with keyword search pay per click (PPC) ads being the most popular. Other varieties of Google ads are display ads, YouTube Ads, and Merchant Ads. Our advertising agency has a great deal of experience creating and managing Google Ads of all varieties.

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When Our Advertising Agency Recommends Our Clients Use Bing Ads

Our Advertising Agency recommends using Google Ads when you have a business or product that users are searching for. Google Ads are not a great way of generating awareness for a product, but if you provide a service that people are already aware of and searching for, Google Ads can be an excellent way of generating leads.

Protect Your Search Campaigns With Our Advertising Agency's Click Fraud Protection

Traffic and Click fraud is an enormous problem on the internet. We see a great deal of fraudulent activity in our client’s Microsoft/Bing Ads and Google Ads. It was estimated in 2021 that 65 Billion USD was wasted on fraudulent advertising! Our Advertising agency employs click fraud prevention in our Google Ads and Bing/Microsoft Ads, ensuring that your PPC search campaign’s budget isn’t wasted on bots, invalid traffic, or competitor clicks!

An Advertising Agency That Tracks Conversions

One of the biggest benefits to digital advertising over traditional advertising is the ability to gather data. When we set a client up for advertising, we ensure that we are tracking all of the valuable actions that a client can make. These can be phone calls, text messages, contact form submissions, sign ups, product purchases, or anything else that might be valuable for your business. If an Advertising Agency isn’t tracking these kinds of things, they can’t tell you how well your ads are performing. Whether you are running Search Ads like Google Ads, or Microsoft / Bing Ads, or Social Ads like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or LinkedIn Ads, tracking conversions is an absolute must!

Monthly Advertising Reporting

We’re an advertising agency that is going to regularly keep in contact with you. Each month you can expect to get a report about how your campaigns are performing. We will provide suggestions, and report on changes that were made to campaigns. We aim to be transparent and provide a good level of value for our monthly advertising management fees.

Our Advertising Agency's Most Common Digital Advertising Platforms

We are specialists in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Ninety percent of our clients want to advertise through these mediums. Depending on where your business is, and who the target audience is, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Instagram Ads can also be very useful.

Bing Ads fall under the umbrella of Microsoft and can be an important form of search advertising for some businesses.
LinkedIn Ads can be an excellent way to reach certain types of businesses because they allow precise demographic targeting.
Instagram Ads are often lumped in with Facebook Ads under the Meta platform, but Instagram has a much younger demographic than Facebook.
Instagram Ads are often lumped in with Facebook Ads under the Meta platform, but Instagram has a much younger demographic than Facebook.
Google Ads are divided into several different categories of which Search Ads and Display Ads are the most prominent.